Direct Referral Programs

Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre

The Dave Smith Centre provides intensive addiction treatment services by way of a medium term, gender-segregated residential treatment environment for youth aged 13 to 21. Treatment services are currently provided from 2 separate campuses — one in Carlton Place for males and one in Carp for females. DSYTC is a non-profit, residential community-based agency that provides youth with a comprehensive assessment of their needs, 3-month residential treatment and 3-month post-residential continuing care. Clients are able to access academic programming, by way of M.F. McHugh Education Centre, individual and group counselling, as well as therapeutic support for themselves and their families. Professional referral is not required for the DSYTC. Students and their families can self-refer and the youth must be interested in attending and engaging in treatment.

Youville Centre

Located in Sandy Hill, in Ottawa, Youville Centre is a non-profit, registered charity that serves adolescent mothers and their children. In addition to the services provided by MF McHugh, Youville’s trauma-informed, holistic programs and services include crisis intervention, intensive mental health therapy and treatment, addiction counselling, collaborative problem solving, a licensed child development program with a focus on infant mental health and attachment-based parenting programs with intervention and treatment.