Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning?

At M.F. McHugh, one of our main focuses is on Deep Learning. In order to ensure deep learning by our students, we must ensure that we are helping them to surpass the mastery of existing knowledge and encouraging them to ask questions that are going to help them create new knowledge. This methodology is intended to help our students to be more connected to the real-world, to express more creativity, and to be life long problem solvers. Our intention is to guide them to be contributing, and holistic young people in the future.

The Elements of Deep Learning:

  • Leveraging Digital

  • Learning Partnerships

  • Learning Environments

  • Pedagogical Practices

How We Promote Deep Learning in our Classrooms

Deep Learning can take on many forms, depending on grade level, student goals, subject matter, classroom, and the educator. In order to set the tone and to develop an atmosphere that encourages this type of learning, at M.F. McHugh, much of our focus is on, but not limited to:

  • Reaching Beyond the Classroom wall

  • Flexible Seating Arrangements

  • Empowering our Students

  • Designing Lessons with Flexible Learning Paths

  • Making Technology Relevant

  • Customized Learning Plans for Each Student

  • Informal Assessment of our Students

  • Helping Students to Uncover Any Knowledge They Seek