CHEO Coordinated Referral

CHEO Coordinated Referral

Steps to Success is a day treatment program based in a community school.  It was established to respond to the mental health and education needs of children between the ages of 4 and 13 with complex emotional and behavioural problems.  The severity of these presenting  problems is such that the child’s needs cannot be met with their community school board.  Likewise, the severity and pervasiveness of the child’s mental health is such that the child’s needs cannot be met through community and/or psychiatric out-patient services.  In addition to a low pupil:teacher ratio children in the program receive services from a range of other professionals that include Psychiatry, Social Work, Speech and Language, OT and Psychology.  Transition Support is provided.

    Kindergarten     12 spaces     3.8 to 6 years. 

    Elementary        56 spaces     6 to 12 years

    Intermediate      12 spaces      12 to 13 years

Referrals to Steps to Success are initiated through Coordinated Referral

Back on Track is located in a community high school.  This program focuses on the rehabilitation of students with severe social anxiety.  While academic programs are based on the Ministry of Education curriculum, the treatment of the program emphasizes emotional and social learning.  Services include psychiatry, social work and psychology.

The program has 8 spaces for youth 13 to 18 years of age.